conditioning, Fitness, durability, rehab

4/21/17 training

Single leg Deadlift

36lb x10x3 focusing on correct activation patterns and balance

OHS with a band around the knees

65lb x5x3 with slow decent to control knee position and a pause at the bottom


25lb x80′ x2 wide steps without letting the knee pass mid foot. 

1.44mi run HR sub-150bpm


Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

Training for gaining

Adding some volume for my rehab purposes. Low intensity. 

3 cycles

Double KB press 70lb x3

Floor press 185lb x5 2/1 tempo

Deadlift 385lb x1
3 cycles @95lb

Single leg deadlift x2+2

Row x5

Press x5

Snatch from the floor, overhead squat x5
2 cycles

Feet together deadlift 95lb x10

Front squat 95lb x10

Eccentric sit-ups 25lb x6

Ab wheel x6

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

More rehab fun

Lent is over! Commence barbell training again!

Rehab choice #1

Barbell backsquat, low bar on a decline board 

225x5x3 3 seconds down, 1 second up


Open chain knee extension, progressive resistance 3/1 as above



Nordic hamstrings


For upper body’s strength:


135x6x3 3/1 tempo


135x6x3 3/1

Banded lateral rows with rotation

6×3 3/1

5 mile hike in the hills, no weight, just steep hills and a good HR. 

Fitness, resilience, prehab


Following some test results I received with an MRI, I’m adding some new items. 

Single leg deadlifts with a 2″ deficit

24kg x5x3

Repeat with 100lb band with bilateral hand grip


Single arm military press

24kg x5x3 with 4 second eccentric

Staggered hand push-ups

5×3 with each hand position and 5 second eccentric