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Making it happen when you have a busy life 

I need to add more commentary I think. So recently life has been slightly more hectic. I’m making home visits for my clients and split between a few clinics and working on a presentation. In addition to this I am working on home recording with some thoughts of making an album of my own some day. In these cases many are apt to forego maintaining the body because they can’t follow a program. I try to consider this: have some principles and order of physical priorities. 

You need your heart to elevate and you need your body working as a unit to move weight. These things are at the top of the list. Just after this is considering single limb use and asymmetric loading. Yet one other factor is direction change and moving in multiple planes. Here is a small example of what all these things can look like in 30 mins.  
Bike 15 mins

5 rounds 

10x 48kg KB swings

2x 32kg KB press, one arm

10x 48kg Goblet squats

5x lateral med ball throws with 10lb ball. Emphasis on propelling the ball with the explosiveness of the hip and driving rotation off the outside legs. Video to follow soon. 

Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

Snatch cycle

Last two days were these sessions below. 

Session 1

Snatch test with one hand change

35/35 with a 24kg
10 rounds @40lb slam ball

Jump and two hand throw x1

Crush grip rows x10

Jump and throw x1 

Crush grip rows x10

Walk one flight of stairs using shoulder carry
x15 mins of med ball work on explosive throwing with rotational focus. Rest as needed to maintain throwing power. 
Session 2

3 sets of 15 KB snatches per arm @24kg

3 sets of chin-ups with first line kit x6

3 sets of sidelying press to arm bar x6 @24kg

2 sets hamstring curls + bridge on physioball x10

2 sets of forward tucks on physioball x10

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab


2 cycles

30x two hand KB swings @32kg

3x double KB jerk @2x24kg

15x two hand KB swings @32kg

3x double KB jerk @2x24kg

5x two hand KB wings @32kg

3x double KB jerk @2x24kg

1 cycle

30x two hand KB swings @48kg

3x double KB jerk @2x24kg
15x two hand KB swings @48kg
3x double KB jerk @2x24kg
5x two hand KB wings @48kg
3x double KB jerk @2x24kg

3 sets of side lying rotational press to arm bar @24kg x3 reps and x6 chin-ups in hollow position


conditioning, Fitness, durability

New training cycle

Boy have I gotten behind on this! Life continues to challenge my time management skills. I am beginning a new cycle of training to try and bring my base back up for my main lifts (CFT+feats of KB awesome+weighted pull-ups). I totally ripped Dan John’s 10,000 KB swing template and made the workouts 300 reps instead of 500 with swings. I will do 4 days a week integrating back squat, deadlift, overhead press, and weighted pull ups. Here are the last two days:

With 53lb bell and 225lb barbell 

3 sets

50 swings

3 squat

25 swings

2 squat

15 swings

1 squat

10 swings

Recover until ready for another straight set. 

Today was the same with press at 135lbs. I will be adding 5lb a week on press and pull-ups and 10lbs for squats and deadlift. I’m going to go until it stops working!