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Snatch cycle

Last two days were these sessions below. 

Session 1

Snatch test with one hand change

35/35 with a 24kg
10 rounds @40lb slam ball

Jump and two hand throw x1

Crush grip rows x10

Jump and throw x1 

Crush grip rows x10

Walk one flight of stairs using shoulder carry
x15 mins of med ball work on explosive throwing with rotational focus. Rest as needed to maintain throwing power. 
Session 2

3 sets of 15 KB snatches per arm @24kg

3 sets of chin-ups with first line kit x6

3 sets of sidelying press to arm bar x6 @24kg

2 sets hamstring curls + bridge on physioball x10

2 sets of forward tucks on physioball x10

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Wrote up a program for the year to make my goals.  I will post it up at some point in the near future. The program is going to be targeting fitness domains of the tactical athlete as well as trying to stay in the fight for a possible powerlifting meet this year. I’ve been sampling some movements and added a new one in today:


Work up to a comfortable max (93lb)

Zercher Squat

79%x5x3 (210lb)

KB Clean and Jerk

3 reps EMOM x5 minutes (2x32kg)

1.5 miles