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Making it happen when you have a busy life 

I need to add more commentary I think. So recently life has been slightly more hectic. I’m making home visits for my clients and split between a few clinics and working on a presentation. In addition to this I am working on home recording with some thoughts of making an album of my own some day. In these cases many are apt to forego maintaining the body because they can’t follow a program. I try to consider this: have some principles and order of physical priorities. 

You need your heart to elevate and you need your body working as a unit to move weight. These things are at the top of the list. Just after this is considering single limb use and asymmetric loading. Yet one other factor is direction change and moving in multiple planes. Here is a small example of what all these things can look like in 30 mins.  
Bike 15 mins

5 rounds 

10x 48kg KB swings

2x 32kg KB press, one arm

10x 48kg Goblet squats

5x lateral med ball throws with 10lb ball. Emphasis on propelling the ball with the explosiveness of the hip and driving rotation off the outside legs. Video to follow soon. 

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

Training and the Five Sided Fistagon

Zercher Squats




Prying squat curls

53x8x3 with a slow eccentric

Bulgarian split squat


Five sided fistagon complex

2 sets:

5 single arm swings, 5 snatches

Switch hands and repeat for 2 total cycles on each arm 

Chinese sit-ups

25x5x2 performed as explosively as possible

Ab wheel

10 reps to a slow cadence 
100 calories on a stationary bike