Haven’t posted the last few sessions. I can’t remember the first one but have a video clip of one of my sets. 

Run 5k

AVG HR 136 bpm 

Cooking chicken on the BBQ so I did this:

2 x5min EMOM

3-3 24kg KB snatch

1-1 24kg KB pistol squat
Post session squat curls for 7-8 reps with controlled eccentric and max contraction at the top. Great ROM exercise to cover up working on your guns. 


Vacation complete!

Wife and I took some time to hit AZ for some great food and hikes. We had a great time in the Sabino Canyon, Mt Lemmon, and Finger Rock. I highly recommend Tucson if you can handle U turns! We stayed at Westward Look and were pleased with their accommodations. Breakfast was great! El Charro was a top pick for us for Mexican cuisine. Raging Sage will be a delight for coffee lovers and they also have great bakery! Kitt Peak Observatory affords a great evening of star gazing and classes on using celestial maps. We give a thumbs up!

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Do work

32kg single arm swing, 

2 sets 25+25

24kg Turkish Get Up , 

3+3 and 2+2

225lb squats,

2 sets of 10

24kg Double KB Floor Press, 

2 sets of 20

Body Armor chin-ups with hard plates and IIIa soft armor, 

2 sets of 10

Heavy bag work with mixed ab work, 15 mins

If you did pull-ups without body armor did you really do pull-ups?? 

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Upper body and fitting work into lunch time


5 sets of 20lb weighted dips and chin ups x8 reps

1 drop set of body weight reps x10 of same

3 sets of TLV’s with a set of shoulder extensions x15 each


Yesterday lunch:

Ascend / descend 200 steps


Today lunch:

10:00 fast walk= 1071 yards

200 sets ascend/descend 3:33

23 pullups


Deadlifts and Community Projects

Spent this Tuesday working with the Mantua Revitalization Project in my home town. Had to teach a few students about edging and good ole fashion yardwork! Following that, a day of heavy manual therapy work at my clinical site, and this workout my hands were sore yesterday and not much better today!


60% (245lb)x10x3

Slow tempo and lifted stealthily. No hook grip or alternate grip.


Snatch weight KB x1 rep each side x3 sets

Banded T rows


Banded incline flies


Used the my 20-40lb band for the band work but adjust for your individual ability to perform the reps. Finished with a single submax set of ab wheel roll outs. This was all performed as a circuit and completed in 20 mins. Have to try and squeeze my chassis maintenance in when I can and quickly.

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Long break

Life cropped up and gave me a deload week x2. Slowly been getting back at it and today was the first day that was similar to being in a normal session. 
Round Robin x3 sets

300×5 deadlift (75%)

x6 chin ups

53X6 one arm KB press

10×10 front and lateral raises

Finish with ab wheel rollouts. Max number in one set with good form and no loss of hollow position at extension.