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Strength, agility and the grind

5 cycles as complexes

Double KB clean 24kg x5

Double KB front squat 24kg x3

Double KB press 24kg X1

Rest until HR is back under control

40′ agility drills 

Running forward / backward x2 with making direction changes with both legs equally

Side shuttles L/R

Single leg hop L/R

Keep turns quick but controlled. Focus on speed in direction changes. 
Run 30 min:

Results, 2.44 mi with 10lb pack and HR 76% (135 bpm avg)

conditioning, Fitness, resilience


Double KB Clean and Push Press

24kg x10x3


24kg x3x3 per side

Deficit push-ups 

5-5-5 using a 4 second eccentric, pause at the bottoms and max contraction at the top. 


HR avg 135 bpm 

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

Training and the Five Sided Fistagon

Zercher Squats




Prying squat curls

53x8x3 with a slow eccentric

Bulgarian split squat


Five sided fistagon complex

2 sets:

5 single arm swings, 5 snatches

Switch hands and repeat for 2 total cycles on each arm 

Chinese sit-ups

25x5x2 performed as explosively as possible

Ab wheel

10 reps to a slow cadence 
100 calories on a stationary bike

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Wrote up a program for the year to make my goals.  I will post it up at some point in the near future. The program is going to be targeting fitness domains of the tactical athlete as well as trying to stay in the fight for a possible powerlifting meet this year. I’ve been sampling some movements and added a new one in today:


Work up to a comfortable max (93lb)

Zercher Squat

79%x5x3 (210lb)

KB Clean and Jerk

3 reps EMOM x5 minutes (2x32kg)

1.5 miles

conditioning, Fitness, durability

Push and Pull

Floor press / bench press 

Work up to a  comfortable 3 RM in 10lb increases. (215×3)

Take off 20% and hit as many reps as you can with one or two left in the tank. (165×12)


Work up to a comfortable 2 RM in 20lb increments then do 3 sets. (345x2x3)

Back off set as above. 

Accessory work:

3 sets

Tricep pull downs x15
Banded rows x15

Banded lateral raises x15

Bicep curls x15

1.5 mi run

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Do work

32kg single arm swing, 

2 sets 25+25

24kg Turkish Get Up , 

3+3 and 2+2

225lb squats,

2 sets of 10

24kg Double KB Floor Press, 

2 sets of 20

Body Armor chin-ups with hard plates and IIIa soft armor, 

2 sets of 10

Heavy bag work with mixed ab work, 15 mins

If you did pull-ups without body armor did you really do pull-ups?? 

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Upper body and fitting work into lunch time


5 sets of 20lb weighted dips and chin ups x8 reps

1 drop set of body weight reps x10 of same

3 sets of TLV’s with a set of shoulder extensions x15 each


Yesterday lunch:

Ascend / descend 200 steps


Today lunch:

10:00 fast walk= 1071 yards

200 sets ascend/descend 3:33

23 pullups