Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

Training for gaining

Adding some volume for my rehab purposes. Low intensity. 

3 cycles

Double KB press 70lb x3

Floor press 185lb x5 2/1 tempo

Deadlift 385lb x1
3 cycles @95lb

Single leg deadlift x2+2

Row x5

Press x5

Snatch from the floor, overhead squat x5
2 cycles

Feet together deadlift 95lb x10

Front squat 95lb x10

Eccentric sit-ups 25lb x6

Ab wheel x6

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience, prehab

More rehab fun

Lent is over! Commence barbell training again!

Rehab choice #1

Barbell backsquat, low bar on a decline board 

225x5x3 3 seconds down, 1 second up


Open chain knee extension, progressive resistance 3/1 as above



Nordic hamstrings


For upper body’s strength:


135x6x3 3/1 tempo


135x6x3 3/1

Banded lateral rows with rotation

6×3 3/1

5 mile hike in the hills, no weight, just steep hills and a good HR. 

conditioning, Fitness, durability, Fitness, resilience

Strength, agility and the grind

5 cycles as complexes

Double KB clean 24kg x5

Double KB front squat 24kg x3

Double KB press 24kg X1

Rest until HR is back under control

40′ agility drills 

Running forward / backward x2 with making direction changes with both legs equally

Side shuttles L/R

Single leg hop L/R

Keep turns quick but controlled. Focus on speed in direction changes. 
Run 30 min:

Results, 2.44 mi with 10lb pack and HR 76% (135 bpm avg)

Fitness, resilience, prehab


Following some test results I received with an MRI, I’m adding some new items. 

Single leg deadlifts with a 2″ deficit

24kg x5x3

Repeat with 100lb band with bilateral hand grip


Single arm military press

24kg x5x3 with 4 second eccentric

Staggered hand push-ups

5×3 with each hand position and 5 second eccentric