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Training and the Five Sided Fistagon

Zercher Squats




Prying squat curls

53x8x3 with a slow eccentric

Bulgarian split squat


Five sided fistagon complex

2 sets:

5 single arm swings, 5 snatches

Switch hands and repeat for 2 total cycles on each arm 

Chinese sit-ups

25x5x2 performed as explosively as possible

Ab wheel

10 reps to a slow cadence 
100 calories on a stationary bike


Vacation complete!

Wife and I took some time to hit AZ for some great food and hikes. We had a great time in the Sabino Canyon, Mt Lemmon, and Finger Rock. I highly recommend Tucson if you can handle U turns! We stayed at Westward Look and were pleased with their accommodations. Breakfast was great! El Charro was a top pick for us for Mexican cuisine. Raging Sage will be a delight for coffee lovers and they also have great bakery! Kitt Peak Observatory affords a great evening of star gazing and classes on using celestial maps. We give a thumbs up!