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New training cycle

Boy have I gotten behind on this! Life continues to challenge my time management skills. I am beginning a new cycle of training to try and bring my base back up for my main lifts (CFT+feats of KB awesome+weighted pull-ups). I totally ripped Dan John’s 10,000 KB swing template and made the workouts 300 reps instead of 500 with swings. I will do 4 days a week integrating back squat, deadlift, overhead press, and weighted pull ups. Here are the last two days:

With 53lb bell and 225lb barbell 

3 sets

50 swings

3 squat

25 swings

2 squat

15 swings

1 squat

10 swings

Recover until ready for another straight set. 

Today was the same with press at 135lbs. I will be adding 5lb a week on press and pull-ups and 10lbs for squats and deadlift. I’m going to go until it stops working!


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