Deadlifts and Community Projects

Spent this Tuesday working with the Mantua Revitalization Project in my home town. Had to teach a few students about edging and good ole fashion yardwork! Following that, a day of heavy manual therapy work at my clinical site, and this workout my hands were sore yesterday and not much better today!


60% (245lb)x10x3

Slow tempo and lifted stealthily. No hook grip or alternate grip.


Snatch weight KB x1 rep each side x3 sets

Banded T rows


Banded incline flies


Used the my 20-40lb band for the band work but adjust for your individual ability to perform the reps. Finished with a single submax set of ab wheel roll outs. This was all performed as a circuit and completed in 20 mins. Have to try and squeeze my chassis maintenance in when I can and quickly.


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