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Huffin’ and puffin’

Normal training resumes!






Double KB Clean

24kg x10x3
3 rounds of barbell complex @65lb

10x wide grip row

10x curls wide grip

10x overhead press 
Ab wheel x20

Jump rope x50

40′ agility drills x5 

(run forward, backward, side shuttle, Carioca, skips = 1 round)

Jump rope x50
Hang tough kids!

conditioning, Fitness, durability

New training cycle

Boy have I gotten behind on this! Life continues to challenge my time management skills. I am beginning a new cycle of training to try and bring my base back up for my main lifts (CFT+feats of KB awesome+weighted pull-ups). I totally ripped Dan John’s 10,000 KB swing template and made the workouts 300 reps instead of 500 with swings. I will do 4 days a week integrating back squat, deadlift, overhead press, and weighted pull ups. Here are the last two days:

With 53lb bell and 225lb barbell 

3 sets

50 swings

3 squat

25 swings

2 squat

15 swings

1 squat

10 swings

Recover until ready for another straight set. 

Today was the same with press at 135lbs. I will be adding 5lb a week on press and pull-ups and 10lbs for squats and deadlift. I’m going to go until it stops working!


Deadlifts and Community Projects

Spent this Tuesday working with the Mantua Revitalization Project in my home town. Had to teach a few students about edging and good ole fashion yardwork! Following that, a day of heavy manual therapy work at my clinical site, and this workout my hands were sore yesterday and not much better today!


60% (245lb)x10x3

Slow tempo and lifted stealthily. No hook grip or alternate grip.


Snatch weight KB x1 rep each side x3 sets

Banded T rows


Banded incline flies


Used the my 20-40lb band for the band work but adjust for your individual ability to perform the reps. Finished with a single submax set of ab wheel roll outs. This was all performed as a circuit and completed in 20 mins. Have to try and squeeze my chassis maintenance in when I can and quickly.