conditioning, prehab

Conditioning with function in mind

Today my wife and I were overcoming a bit of a bug so we went with a team workout that gave us both rest. I currently try to plan my conditioning in circuits of “function”. That word gets used a lot but my operational definition is any exercise that promotes and utilizes muscles in a ways common to the demand life requires. Being stable for a plant and cut, training quickness, challenging the core with stability demands, these are things shared by many athletes and common folk just in different magnitude. Squatting on a Swiss ball need not apply. The core needs to control or transmit force, so it makes sense to train it that way. 

10 round partner workout

30x jump rope

High plank while your partner performs their set
For the plank I chose high position and 120 degrees shoulder elevation to tax serratus anterior more. It’s primary role is to help the scapula remain fixed to the rib cage. By doing so it helps to stabilize the shoulder, our most mobile and least stable joint. Nice way to loosen back up after squats and being sick 


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