Worked up to a single of 365lb. My previous max but felt a little easier, especially after three straight days of training. The day prior I did some 75m trap bar farmer carries with 205lb. I treat those types of things as tactically applicable due to their obvious carry over to transporting ammo boxes, carrying the wounded etc.

Shrimp squats

4 sets of 32kg x1 on each leg

KB swings

3 sets of 32kg x33


Rings dips 10-8-6

Chin ups 10-8-6

Prone Flys on the rings 6-6-6

Inverted rows on rings 10-10-10


Finished my session with some curls, lateral raises, banded reverse flys high and mid position, and resisted ab work.



Some more rehabilitative and specific endurance work today. It is important to include things that will enhance your stability in other movements that are primary in nature. A stable core and stable hips for instance will improve the performance of the hamstrings and quads in the squat. This is because they are working from a firm foundation instead of balancing on a teeter totter. Something as simple as having better balance on one leg vs the other may be and indicator of needing to improve that quality a little.